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Gold Bullion

Gold bullion is widely viewed as the ultimate asset for wealth preservation, with a strong track record of performance during uncertain or less stable times. For example, in 2008 when the UK was in recession, gold increased in value by 43.2% and in 2016 when the Brexit vote took place and Trump was elected President, gold increased by 30.2%.

As history repeats itself, we will regularly face such political, economic or international issues in the future - making now the ideal time to invest in gold bullion.

Anyone can benefit from gold bullion

Anyone who wants to protect their wealth with a “zero-risk” asset (1) can benefit from investing in bullion.

From casual savers who want to protect what they have, to high net worth individuals who want to minimise their risk. And from pensioners who want to protect their savings from inflation or leave some wealth to their loved ones, to younger individuals who want to benefit from the long-term store of wealth that gold bullion provides.

Why gold bullion is so popular

Those who invest in gold bullion can benefit from:

  • Annual growth: Gold has increased in value by an average 12.3% per year from 2005-22 (2). This perfectly demonstrates the strength and security that gold has provided over the years to those who invest.
  • Tax-free All UK gold coins from Direct Bullion are VAT-free and Capital Gains Tax free to UK clients.
  • Risk-free: Physical gold has been classed as a Tier 1 “zero-risk” asset by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, which creates standards for bank regulation (1).
  • Reduced counterparty risk: Physical gold ownership gives you maximum control of your wealth - rather than risking it with other parties who may not have your best interests at heart.
  • Reliable: Gold has a strong 3,000 year history of maintaining its value. Compare this to cash where £100 just 80 years ago would only be able to buy goods and services worth £1.78 in 2022 (3).
  • Physical asset: Those who invest in gold enjoy that they can touch and hold their gold (LINK TO GOLD TOP CATEGORY PAGE)- enabling them to completely feel the value and their wealth. By comparison, the value of the paper or polymer plastic which goes into creating banknotes is virtually zero.

How to invest in gold bullion

Most people who want to protect their wealth with gold bullion choose from one of 2 main options - gold bars and gold coins (which can further be broken down into loose gold coins or graded gold coins.

The friendly specialists at Direct Bullion are on-hand to support you every step of the way.

View our collection of gold bullion.

Gold Coins

Gold coins have a legal tender status and are produced by a sovereign government’s mint. Most gold coins feature a face value and year stamped on the obverse (or front), with their purity and weight inscribed on the reverse (or back).

Gold coins typically sell at a slightly higher price than the metal’s spot price. This is commonly due to their collectability, status as legal tender, rarity and the work involved in minting the coin. This price difference is known as the ‘premium’ and when gold is popular, the premiums often increase too.

As a result, people who choose to protect their wealth with gold coins are able to make money in two ways - firstly from the natural rise in gold prices, and secondly through the increase in the premium.

There are two main types of gold coins - loose gold coins and graded gold coins. Choosing which type is best for you comes down to your motives and goals, how much you would like to acquire and potential resale value.

Loose gold coins

There are many reasons why people choose to protect their wealth with loose gold coins:

  • Tax benefits For UK residents, UK gold coins are VAT-free and Capital Gains Tax-free. This is due to the coins being a legal tender status, although the gold content is significantly more valuable than the face value.
  • Growth in value You can make money twice, when the gold price rises and when the premium increases.
  • Flexibility Loose gold coins enable people to quickly build their wealth protection, whilst also being easier to convert back into cash, making them a highly liquid asset. Meanwhile, due to their size and weight, it is easy to store and transfer loose gold coins as required.

This combination means that loose gold coins can provide a tax-efficient way to protect wealth.

Graded gold coins

Graded gold coins have been authenticated and assigned an independent rating which creates an easily identifiable ‘score’ for the quality of each coin.

Once a coin has been graded and is in its protective cover, it cannot be accessed again, thus keeping the coin at its certified grade forever. Therefore, great value lies in having the coin graded correctly by an established and knowledgeable coin grading service.

Direct Bullion are proud to be an authorised dealer of the PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service), who are recognised as the top grading company in the world. They are the oldest and offer consistent services with a consensus method of grading. Added to this, they guarantee the grades and authenticity of the gold coins.

View our collection of graded gold coins

Gold Bars

Gold bars are thin rectangular slabs of gold produced by private mints. Unlike gold coins, they are not considered legal tender but they are a great way to own gold.

Gold bars generally have the lowest premium over spot price. This is why they are often favoured by large-scale investors who are interested in owning as much gold as possible at the lowest price.

As gold bars do not have a limited supply and are less collectible than gold coins, bars do not tend to rise in value as rapidly.

Why people buy gold bars

Bars provide many practical benefits:

  • Lowest premium over spot price
  • Easy to store and transfer - gold bars from various mints can easily be stacked
  • Gold bars are sealed and attractively packaged

Types of gold bars available

Gold bars range in sizes from the Valcambi CombiBar 20 x 1g Gold Bars, where each individual bar weighs 1g, to the Valcambi 12.5kg Cast Gold Bar

A range of brands create gold bars, covering a wide range of sizes including Valcambi, Heraeus, Perth Mint and Baird.

View our collection of gold bars.

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